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Released on September 10, 2021

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[About this magazine]

"NATURAL MEDITATION IN HAWAII" which teaches the method of model SHIHO direct transmission on the stage of "Hawaii"

️First meditation BY SHIHO "


"For me, meditation is the time to return to nature," said SHIHO, who has found in practice for 14 years in a row, an easier and more enjoyable meditation method, yoga stretching and breathing before meditation. Introducing the law, lifestyle, etc. You can watch a video guided by SHIHO with a QR code, which is very easy to understand and makes it easy to start meditation.


It has been 14 years since the famous model "SHIHO", who has been a lecturer of Japan's largest yoga event and published a book, has sparked a yoga boom. I realized that there were no days when I didn't meditate, and it became a part of my life. Since you just sit and close your eyes, it is easier and easier than yoga, but the effect is more than yoga. We will introduce meditation easily and carefully by dividing it into preparation, method, and lifestyle.


[Details] ️Prologue / About meditation / Basic knowledge of how to sit and posture before meditation / 3 points to be more effective / Yoga stretch and 4 types of breathing methods / "Five senses meditation" "108 meditation" "LOVE meditation" "Thank you meditation" and 4 methods, 10 patterns of meditation / QR code with meditation guide movie / Lifestyle "Meditation x BEAUTY / SLEEP / MEAL / LIFE" 4 items of SHIHO method / Introduction of world meditation methods / History of meditation / Q & A / Epilogue


️ Many beautiful photos fused with the magnificent nature of Hawaii are also posted.

️ Even for those who are affected by the spread of coronavirus and feel tired, ️ meditation can purify and release the mind and body, and give a feeling of happiness and fulfillment that is filled with energy. This book is full of SHIHO's desire to spend positive days with less anxiety and stress.

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